‘Your nonsense penalty is too cheap’ – Actress Habiba Sinare shames FIFA and Cristiano Ronaldo over penalty awarded against Blackstars

Actress Habiba Sinare has Shamed FIFA and Cristiano Ronaldo over penalty that awarded against the Ghana Blackstars in their world Cup match with Portugal.

Following the incident, many people have been Sharing their thoughts on the decision of the referee and the VAR.

From Pundits to fans and well notable sports personalities such as Alan Shearer.

According to Alan Shearer, the penalty decision by the referee was wrong.

Well, According to a Ghanaian actress, the referee and FIFA were incompetent during the Ghanaian match. She has Shamed them.

In her words:

Shame on you people for not being just !!
As a woman who likes football, I thought you had value but no!!
First of all The penalty, your Incompetent bribed referee gave against Ghana was harsh and uncalled for. And I put it to you that you @fifaworldcup know this!

Secondly, did you see how the Portuguese goalkeeper held on to William’s leg (William Inaki, the Ghanaian player) at the last minute when he negligently placed the ball in front of him without realizing William was behind him?
At this point, I would have said May God forgive you all but he will deal with you all one by one. @fifaworldcup this is pure Racism and trust me when I say it is obvious this game was rigged. You consider certain countries and people unnecessarily at the expense of others.
No VARS because it is Ronaldo!! Shammeeeeeeee!!!

As usual, we are a black country and our voices won’t be heard.
You have lost our respect and love from us.
May God judge us according. Shame on all of you!! So disgusting!!

As for Ronaldo, your nonsense penalty is too cheap for you! Shame on you!!
We worked and earned our goals.
I feel like crying mpo. To our men, you won our hearts. May Allah see you all through. You all did extremely well. To my fellow Ghanaians fuo, you people should learn how to stop badmouthing. These are the kind of bad luck it brings. Let us be positive for once.

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