“Women always marry their class or higher, Men be wise to marry your class, don’t marry liability”, Man

A Nigerian man on Twitter has made Otedola family a case study from which he sent a beautiful advise to his fellow men to help them stay focused and live a meaningful life in order to be happy.

According to him, his fellow men should learn from women and be wise as women. He said men should learn from women and marry women who are their class so as to prevent marrying a liability into their homes.

“Temi Otedola got married to Mr Eazi, a multi-millionaire and super star musician. DJ Cuppy is getting married to Taylor, a millionaire boxer Women always marry their class or higher. They won’t look at your face if you aren’t their class. When you finally make money as a man”

So many end end up marrying women who are not content with what these men can afford and intend, they end up putting the men in miserable positions.

His advises is looking forward to emanating men who are yet to fall into such traps to stay alert and rethink who they want to spend the rest of their lives together with.

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