Who Inherited Whitney Houston’s Money?

Many have wondered who inherited Whitney Houston’s money after her death. The singer was a talented entertainer and had built up a considerable fortune during her career. Although her estate was not huge, it is not entirely clear who got what. There are numerous questions about the estate, including who is supposed to inherit it, what the process will be, and what the laws are. Below are some of the most common scenarios.

In April 2000, Whitney Houston’s estate was worth a staggering $20 million, which increased in value once news of her death spread. While Whitney Houston had no children, she did have a daughter who would inherit her $20 million trust fund. Bobby Brown and Houston married in 1992. Bobby Brown Sr., Whitney Houston’s son, was not a beneficiary of the estate. She had been in debt to Sony Music for $20 million.

Bobbi Kristina received ten percent of her mother’s estate when she turned 21. At the age of 25, she would have received another sixth of the estate. At age 30, she would have received full access to the money. But what if the worst case scenario happens? What if Bobbi Kristina is not the only one who gets Whitney Houston’s money? What will happen to her mother’s money?

The $20 million estate of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is the subject of a lawsuit. The conservator for Bobbi Kristina is suing Nick Gordon, the musician’s partner. Gordon has been accused of beating her while she was unconscious and stealing thousands of dollars from her bank account. Many think that Whitney Houston could have done more to protect Bobbi Kristina and her money.

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