Who Inherited Whitney Houston’s Estate?

If you’re wondering who inherited Whitney Houston’s estate, you’re not alone. The singer and songwriter died in 2012, leaving her estate worth $20 million. When news of her death spread, her estate value increased even more. Houston only had one daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who became sole heir to her mother’s estate when she was a teenager. In her will, Bobbi was left the entire estate, including the townhouse Houston purchased in Roswell.

When Whitney Houston died, her estate was estimated at $20 million. Her only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was 19 years old. This made Bobbi Kristina Brown an extremely vulnerable target for predators, especially given that she was under the age of majority. She was also a minor, so there were questions about her ability to handle money. In addition, she died without a will, so she was likely to face disputes with both sides of her family.

The answer to the question “Who inherited Whitney Houstons estate?” depends on how you interpret the terms of the will. The estate was placed into a trust until Bobbi Kristina turned 21. She received ten percent of her estate when she turned 21. At age 25 and 30, she received another sixth. At age thirty, she received the rest of her mother’s estate. Her brothers were left a smaller portion of the estate.

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