Who Inherited the Freddie Mercury Estate?

Who inherited Freddie Mercury’s estate? Mary Austin and Brian May share half of his estate, with his parents and sister getting the rest. Mercury’s parents died in 2000. His estate includes a $37 million mansion in west London, as well as an art collection and Louis XV furniture. The future earnings of Queen’s founder Freddie Mercury will be divided among the bandmates, including Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Mary Austin, who was considered Freddie Mercury’s “wife,” became immensely rich after the singer’s death. She has been able to capture the attention of fans with her biopic, which has grossed over $1billion worldwide. However, the biography also has its share of controversy, as Mercury and his late bandmates fought over their differences, which resulted in several lawsuits. Mercury’s wife Mary Austin’s daughter, Iris, is a notable beneficiary of the estate.

In September 1991, Mercury wrote a will, leaving half of his estate to his wife, Mary, and the rest to his parents and sister. Freddie’s friends were given PS500,000 each. His friend Jim Hutton received a PS500,000 estate. Despite the legal confusion, the couple’s close friends are thrilled to receive his estate. Mary has stated that she would have inherited Freddie’s estate regardless of the will, and she has said that the will caused her deep resentment among her bandmates.

Mary Austin was the primary beneficiary of the estate, but her inheritance is not entirely clear. Mercury left a large portion of his estate to Austin, who had a close relationship with the singer. Nonetheless, Mercury and Austin remained close friends. The estate also included his 28-room London mansion and two private planes, and Austin was the sole beneficiary of the other 50 percent. So, what exactly happened?

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