Who Inherited the Farm?

If you’ve been following the case of Jeremy Bamber, you may have wondered “who inherited the farm?” A probate trial a month after the farm owner’s death, the Dickinson Review, concluded that the estate belonged to a family member. However, that’s not quite the whole story. In the case of the Bamber farm, the surviving family members also inherited the property.

The boys’ mother, Sheila Bamber, was a beautiful, attractive adult. She started a career as a model, married and had twin sons. But, as the story goes, Sheila was not happy and suffered from illness and depression. She thought her twins were the work of the devil. She lived with her ex-husband’s sister, Julie Mugford.

The police suspected Bamber of going on a killing spree. However, they discovered that he did not kill himself and he used a silencer to conceal his gun. His ex-girlfriend, Julie Mugford, stepped forward to help with the investigation. She was also an acquaintance of Bamber’s. A silencer found in the farmhouse cupboard helped the police solve the case.

The case ended up in a murder trial. Jeremy Bamber was convicted of the murders in 1986, but it took a lot longer than that to prove that he committed the murders. In the trial, Bamber’s girlfriend implicated him in the murders. After the trial, she and her family moved to Tolleshunt D’Arcy. When Bamber was convicted of the murders, she refused to give interviews with the press.

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