Who Inherited the Elizabeth Montgomery Estate?

Who inherited Elizabeth Montgomery’s estate? Despite her many marriages and fame, no one is certain who the actress’s heirs are. Her mother was a screen actor, and her father a Broadway actress. She dated many famous people, and was even linked to JFK at one point. Montgomery was married to a director of her show Bewitched at one time, but the couple divorced soon after. She married again in the end. She was married at the time of her death.

Elizabeth Montgomery was the granddaughter of Alexander Montgomerie. She inherited the estate in 1602 and passed it on to her son Robert in 1623. Her career brought her net worth of more than $6 million. She died in 1995. Her estate was listed by Evans Estate Sales. Her ex-husband Larry Fortenksy was left nearly PS1 million in the estate. The estate will now be sold and divided among her sons.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s parents were Alexander Montgomery III and Elizabeth Johnson. She was a woman who married a man named John Montgomery in 1771. The couple lived at the Plantation/Mecklenburg estate in North Carolina. Her father had passed on without leaving a male heir. Elizabeth was a nurse, so her brothers and sisters helped her deal with the estate. Their elder brother, Robert Montgomery, died as an infant. Her daughter, Elizabeth Victoria, was born in 1733. Her estate was expanded to eleven hundred and forty acres and a park was established on the estate.

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