Who Inherited the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s Estate?

Who inherited the Duke and Duchess’ estate? This is a question that has plagued royalty for centuries. Fortunately, a new docuseries premiered on CNN on Sunday night that will answer this question and more. The series is titled The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty and will be available on the network’s website and on CNN.com starting Sunday at 10pm.

Among the ephemera of the Duchess’s life are wedding portraits, multiple sets of china, and dashing Jansen furniture. The Windsors’ personal belongings include a baroque painted commode that Syrie Maugham once owned. There is also the abdication desk, a plain Georgian antique that was once found at Fort Belvedere, the duke’s bachelor retreat. It should go to an English museum.

When the Windsors married Wallis Simpson, they moved to Paris, where they lived in the famous Le Moulin de la Tuilerie estate. The palace was renovated by famed French interior designer Stephane Boudin, who had previously decorated the Kennedy family’s White House. The palace was also graced by a piece of wall art commissioned by the couple’s friend, Gore Vidal.

The duchess and duke of Windsors estate were very well liked in society. The duchess was frequently photographed attending society events in Paris, New York, and Biarritz. The duchess loved her pugs. Her valet once said that they were like a child to her. The duchess and duke were buried side by side in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

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