Who Inherited the Bobbi Kristina Estate?

The wrongful death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, 27, has left her family with a hefty amount of money, but one of the biggest questions is who inherited her estate. The estate of her mother, Cissy, and her two brothers, Gary and Michael, was passed down to them after Bobbi’s death. Pat Houston was named executor of her mother’s estate, but the case has become contentious as the estate of the deceased has been split between family members. Gordon’s relationship with Brown was not legal, but it was a close one and he is still legally liable.

According to Bobbi’s will, the money Bobbi Kristina received before her mother died goes to her mother’s family. The money she did not receive from her mother’s estate goes to her next of kin, who is most likely her father, Nick Gordon. Although Gordon cannot prove that he was married to Bobbi, he may still receive a settlement if he presses his case.

Several factors determine the rights of her heirs. Bobbi Kristina’s mother died of cancer, and her conservator was appointed to manage her assets and likeness. The conservator also managed Bobbi Kristina’s rights and legal claims. A conservator is also responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s coma. Ultimately, her mother’s estate will be divided amongst her two siblings.

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