Who Inherited the Barbara Stanwyck Estate?

In 1951, Barbara Stanwyck divorced her husband, actor Robert Taylor, after only one year of marriage. The divorce was finalized the following year and she was awarded 15% of Taylor’s gross earnings. Stanwyck enjoyed an exceptional career in Hollywood and was known for her unpretentious manner. In addition to her ranch in California, she owned a large house in Westwood. The property is known as Oakridge Estate and is located on 18650 Devonshire Street in Los Angeles.

After her death, Stanwyck’s estate remained unclaimed for years. She had been a part of over eighty films and was listed as the nation’s most famous actress. The actor’s estate was distributed to her nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. But who inherited Barbara Stanwyck estate? And, what happened to the money left behind by Stanwyck?

Although she had never taken acting lessons, Barbara Stanwyck became an overnight Broadway star with her role in Arthur Hopkins’ Burlesque. Despite this, she never joined a theater company, and was estranged from her son. Her son only met his mother a few times as an adult. During her lifetime, the actress and her son were estranged, and they stayed apart. Her daughter Caroline Cagney married Spencer Tracy, who was one of her favorite actors.

Barbara Stanwyck’s estate was worth a reported $34 million. Her husband, Robert Taylor, a famous producer and director, had a brief affair with a vaudevillian. The couple moved into a newly built estate in Northridge, California. She designed a dress for a mink coat, and her sons later inherited the estate. In addition to her estate, Stanwyck had a large number of assets that are now in the hands of her sons.

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