Who Inherited Shibden Hall From Anne Listers?

If you’re interested in finding out who inherited Shibden Hall from Anne List, you can start by reading her diaries. The diaries are part of the Lister Family of Shibden Hall records, which date back to the thirteenth century. In them, Anne Lister documented her daily life, and they total 7,772 pages. Anne Lister also kept 14 volumes of travel notes, which cover both British trips abroad. She lived and worked in Halifax, and she had many adventures throughout Europe.

Ann Lister became a wealthy heiress in 1832, and in the same year, Anne Lister was romantically involved with her. She viewed her lesbian companion as a worthy mate. In fact, she invited Ann Walker to live with her in Shibden Hall. During the period of their relationship, Anne Lister even wrote about her mental health problems. In 1834, she married John Walker and they had three children.

After her father passed away, her three brothers left Shibden Hall to Lister’s entrepreneurial niece. Although Lister’s father had known she was a bachelor, she had not legally married, so her uncle may have been relieved that she was unmarried. It is possible that Lister’s uncle had known about her preference for women and was relieved that she did not marry.

In the new drama “Who inherited Shibden Hall from Anne Listers?” Suranne Jones plays the role of the heiress. Shibden Hall is currently closed to the public for filming. There are several exhibits at the hall, as well as the gardens and library where Anne slept. Despite the recent filming, Shibden Hall remains a beautiful, medieval mansion.

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