Who Inherited Princess Diana Jewelry?

Did Meghan Markle inherit some of the iconic jewelry that the late Princess Diana owned? It is possible that she inherited her engagement ring, which is believed to be a diamond tennis bracelet. Considering that Harry and Diana spent time in Botswana prior to their engagement, it is highly likely that Princess Diana inherited her ring. However, it is unlikely that Meghan inherited the diamond tennis bracelet from her mother.

However, the lover’s knot tiara, which Diana wore often, is not actually owned by the Spencers. Diana inherited the Lover’s Knot tiara from her mother, Lady Kitty Spencer. Her mother and father were both famous fashion designers, and she has graced the covers of numerous magazines. It is not known if Lady Kitty inherited the tiara. The Spencer family had a vast estate, and it cost millions to keep it in good condition.

However, it is highly unlikely that Kate would inherit Diana’s diamond earrings. Instead, they may be inherited by Harry and William. The couple split Diana’s jewelry in 1997, when William was just 13 years old. William, in his turn, inherited the earrings from Diana. In any event, these pieces of jewellery are now owned by Prince Harry and Meghan. It is very likely that these royals will continue to wear the pieces, and we may never know if Diana will ever part with them.

In addition to the iconic pieces that Diana wore during her time as a member of the Royal Family, the Princess’s collection of jewels was extensive and iconic. Many of her beloved pieces came on loan from the wider royal estate. The Lover’s Knot tiara, for example, was one of Diana’s favorites. It was eventually used by Kate Middleton to wear it in public. Diana also left behind a large estate of gems and jewelry, which her sons were obligated to inherit.

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