Who Inherited Nina Simone’s Estate?

The question of Who inherited Nina Simone’s Estate is being asked by her daughters and grandchildren. The actress Zoe Saldana was cast as the singer in the 2016 biopic Nina. While Simone’s son declined to clarify the question, the estate was placed in a charitable trust. The trust is run by San Pasqual Fiduciary Trust Company, which was named as Special Administrator.

Nina Simone’s estate has been at the center of several legal battles over her recordings. In 2008, her former attorney, Steven Ames Brown, sued her estate, claiming a forty percent interest in her recordings. After the plaintiff settled the lawsuit, Stroud countersued the estate, claiming that he had exclusive rights to the recordings. This lawsuit is ongoing, but the estate is now dropping claims against Stroud and Brown.

When the Civil Rights Movement declined in the 1970s, Nina Simone’s popularity sank. She attributed this to the racial situation in the United States, although she continued to release new albums and attract concert audiences. Her popularity grew and waned as the years went by. However, her influence was unmatched. Simone remained a force in the musical world even after her death, despite her many setbacks and challenges.

Lisa Simone Kelly was appointed administrator of Simone’s estate and charitable trust. In the will, Simone left most of her money to charities that helped black children. The sisters and daughter of the singer are also beneficiaries of her estate. TMZ obtained her will, and she left most of her money to charity. If you’d like to learn more, check out the article below. While the estate is large, it’s not difficult to find a worthy beneficiary.

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