Who Inherited Nancy Reagan’s Estate?

Who inherited Nancy Reagan’s estate? That’s a question that many people in her position have been asking. After her husband Ronald Reagan died in 2004, the family was left with a $15 million estate and the famous Reagan name. It’s unclear exactly how much of that money will go to her children, but it’s clear that her estate isn’t large. Nancy inherited only a small amount of her husband’s money, so she’ll probably struggle to replace her husband’s monthly annuities.

Nancy Reagan met her future husband Ronald Reagan in 1949 and they married on March 4, 1952. Their relationship began when Nancy visited her husband’s home on a business trip to California, where she met her future husband. They began dating, and dated for three years, and were married on March 4, 1952. They had two children, Michael and Patricia. Their relationship developed as the couple starred in a World War II submarine drama called Hellcats of the Navy. Nancy gave up her acting career in favor of raising her family and supporting her husband’s political ambitions.

After Ronald and Nancy retired to their Bel Air, California home in 1989, the former president and first lady shared it with friends. They lived in the home, 668 Saint Cloud Road, until they sold it in June for $15 million. Jerry Perenchio, a billionaire businessman, is a member of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation board. The couple’s three-bedroom home in Bel Air was purchased by a group of friends in 1986 for $2.5 million. That’s the equivalent of about $6 million today. In 1989, Nancy exercised her option to purchase the home.

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