Who Inherited Maurizio Gucci Shares?

Who inherited Maurizio Gucci’s shares? This question may come up as you read through the company’s history. During the ’80s, the Gucci family suffered financial problems and Maurizio was forced to sell off his shares to Investcorp, for $170 million. In 1993, the Gucci family ended its association with the company. Its sons, Allegra and Alessandra, inherited their father’s US$400 million estate.

Maurizio and Paolo’s son Patrizia were not taken seriously as designers and were caught up in shifting alliances within the family. Maurizio fled to Switzerland on a motorcycle. He was accused of forgery of his father’s signature on share certificates and cheating on inheritance taxes. However, the driver of Maurizio got a tip that the Guardia di Finanza was about to raid the family home and arrest him. Patrizia accuses Paolo and De Sole of forging his father’s signature.

After Guccio’s death in 1953, his shares were passed to his three sons. These sons were Vasco, Rodolfo, and Aldo. The sibling rivalry began and continued into the next generation. Ultimately, it caused the downfall of the Gucci family in the fashion industry. The Gucci family has a long history. The following is a brief history of its founders.

Allegra Gucci was the second child of Maurizio Gucci. Allegra Gucci was convicted of arranging her ex-husband’s assassination. She served 18 years in prison, and has never spoken of it. Allegra’s book Game Over is 200 pages long. In 1995, Allegra wrote a book about her life and the death of her husband, Maurizio.

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