Who Inherited Mary Tyler Moore’s Estate?

Despite the fact that she remained married for almost two decades, who inherited Mary Tyler Moore’s estate? The actress was worth $60 million. She was married to Robert Levine in 1983. The couple had no children together. The actress died in 1980, and it is not clear who would inherit her estate. Robert Levine is the most likely heir. But no one has confirmed it yet.

While her final days were surrounded by scandal, she managed to raise millions for cancer research and stayed comfortably wealthy when her health permitted. Her ex-husband Grant Tinker’s children never really bonded with her. But when he died, Moore still called them his family. In addition to a frank and loving relationship, she married cardiologist Robert Levine for 33 years. And he, in turn, inherited at least a third of Mary Tyler Moore’s estate.

Besides her children, Moore had no immediate family after her death. Her only son, Peter Tyler Moore, passed away in 1980. She did not have any living siblings. As a result, her husband, Robert Levine, received the majority of the estate. Although fame did not bring her happiness in her final years, it certainly helped in her career. In fact, if you were to ask her surviving family, it is likely that they would be happy to know that her surviving children are doing well.

Levine was a physician who treated Moore’s mother when she was suffering from bronchitis in 1982. Moore talked about him in a 1991 interview with Architectural Digest. This explains why she was so close to Dr. Levine. However, she was still quite young when she married him. If Levine was her first choice, she could have left him her entire estate.

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