Who Inherited Liberace’s Estate?

The saga of who inherited Liberace’s estate continues. After the late singer passed away in his Palm Springs home on Feb. 4, his relatives contested the estate, accusing the late singer of denying them the inheritance they were owed. Liberace’s nephews and niece were also involved in the battle over the estate. They claim that the deceased entertainer never intended to leave anything to them and refused to include them in any of his previous wills.

The famous entertainer’s estate was enormous. He had a 15,000-square-foot home in Las Vegas and a collection of other properties, including a yacht and a golf course. His estate was the subject of the 2013 HBO film “Behind the Candelabra.”

In 1987, Liberace was said to be worth more than $110 million, leaving an estate that included $88 million to the Foundation for the benefit of the music industry. The story was repeated many times after his death, and even as late as 2013, the foundation’s officers continued to repeat the myth that the estate was split between the musicians. Ultimately, the Liberace estate was left to the Liberace Foundation, whose president is Scott Thorson.

Though there are rumors about who will inherit Liberace’s estate, many people think that his wife, Frances, and children will inherit some of it. The museum will close next month. A couple named Scott Thorson, the singer’s former assistant, also received $75,000 in cash settlement, three cars worth about $20k, and three pet dogs. The couple reconciled shortly before Liberace passed away.

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