Who Inherited Larry King’s Estate?

In the wake of his passing, many people are asking who will inherit Larry King’s estate. Shawn King has filed for probate, and will serve as King’s personal representative. The original will King signed in 2015 listed Shawn as executor. The will ignores a handwritten amendment from King in 2019. A hearing is scheduled for May 4.

Two of King’s children died within months of each other in 2020. Chaia died of lung cancer in July, and Andy King suffered a heart attack in January. King’s son, Larry Jr., filed documents to administer his father’s estate. At the time of his death, he was in the midst of divorce proceedings. So the question is: “Who will inherit Larry King’s estate?”

Southwick argues that King’s son, Larry King, was unduly influenced by his father, who authored the will. King transferred over $250,000 to his son in his final years. The lawsuit seeks to set aside the transfers on the grounds that King had questionable mental capacity. Although King’s estate plan clearly explains how much money is left to his kids, there is a possibility that other beneficiaries will inherit a large portion.

The estate of LARRY KING is complex. His spouse, SHAWN KING, is entitled to only a small portion of his estate. It’s unclear who will get Larry King’s estate because his will was written secretly. He had five children from several marriages. Two of his children died last year from illness, so the estate may still be up for grabs. However, the estate’s distribution will likely be messy, even if Larry King had signed a prenuptial agreement.

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