Who Inherited Katharine Hepburn’s Money?

Whether you are interested in the fortune of one of the most successful Hollywood actors ever, you have probably been wondering who inherited Katharine Hepburn’ s money after her death. Although she died at a relatively young age of 19, she was still very wealthy and left behind a sizable estate. In this article, we will look at her estate and how she left her money to the heirs.

After passing away, Audrey Hepburn left a large portion of her estate to her children. She also left her Oscars to charity, and asked for a portion of her Connecticut estate to be preserved. Her executors were left the decision of whether to publish her personal papers or not. They also had the final say on the heirs’ inheritances. In addition to the siblings, she also left several large sums to employees and friends.

One of the most controversial aspects of Hepburn’s will is the plot of land she left behind. Her executors were asked to make a decision on the land. One of the executors ruled in her favor and agreed to leave the property to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. Miss Hepburn wanted her estate to remain private and undeveloped. She requested that the east lot remain undeveloped.

Hepburn’s will stipulated that her two sons would split 50/50 of their mother’s estate. Although Tracy’s son was born deaf, her wife never spoke to him before his death. She never watched her husband’s final film, but she kept the cup she cracked on the kitchen floor. The couple divorced in 1932, and Tracy’s estate was worth $18 million.

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