Who Inherited Karl Lagerfeld’s Fortune?

Who inherited Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune and how much would they get? The fashion designer died nearly a year ago, but the family is still trying to figure out who would inherit his fortune. During his final interview with Le Parisien in 2015, Lagerfeld famously said, “She is an heiress.” According to Jondeau, Lagerfeld’s bodyguard and friend, he reaffirmed that statement.

Rumors abound about who would inherit Lagerfeld’s fortune. Some say the cat would receive the inheritance. Others say the housekeeper was the one who managed the designer’s fortune for decades. Frydlender was well acquainted with the designer’s finances and estate distribution options. Moreover, he appointed an accountant, Lucien Frydlender, to take care of his finances. Although Lagerfeld regarded him as a trustworthy executor, the accountant also had some other duties for his client.

Several countries have been speculated to inherit the designer’s fortune. France, for example, has strict laws prohibiting people from leaving money to animals. However, that’s not always the case. In Germany, animals can be beneficiaries of estates. Therefore, it’s likely that the designer consulted with his lawyer and discussed the issue before his death. In France, the inheritance would be divided between Germany and France.

Then there’s Sebastien Jondeau, who worked as Lagerfeld’s bodyguard and chauffeur. Although Jondeau is said to be the true heir of Lagerfeld, Giabiconi acted as the pretend heir. Both men have denied any wrongdoing, however, so the jury remains out. This story is still unresolved. You can read the full report in Le Parisien’s article.

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