Who Inherited Joan Crawford’s Estate?

Who inherited Joan Crawford’s estate? The question has been on everyone’s lips since the famous actress died in 1977. She was a multi-millionaire and had many children who had mixed memories of their famous mother. Although it is not known who inherited the actress’s estate, there is a lot of speculation about who she will leave her money to. Here’s what you need to know about her heirs.

Despite her turbulent childhood, Joan Crawford overcame her obstacles and climbed the ladder of success, becoming one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. She appeared in films alongside Clark Gable and Bette Davis, and won an Academy Award for her title role in Mildred Pierce. Throughout her career, she was an active member of the film industry and lived in Brentwood, California. Her children, Christina and Christopher, are now a part of Doyle New York’s family.

While Crawford became famous for her roles in Coca-Cola advertisements, she was also an actress. She married Alfred Steele in 1955, who was the chairman of Pepsi-Cola. In 1959, Alfred Steele died unexpectedly. After he died, Crawford refused to give up her $60,000-a-year Pepsi board seat. During this time, she also helped the War effort by volunteering at the Hollywood Canteen.

Christina Crawford, Joan Crawford’s daughter, is the most likely heir. She was adopted by her famous mother from an alcoholic woman. Joan Crawford’s estate will be divided equally between Christina and her adopted daughter. Ultimately, the children of Joan Crawford will be divided among Christina and her brother, John Crawford. Their daughter, Christina, will receive the rest of her mother’s estate. But who inherited Joan Crawford’s estate?

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