Who Inherited Isaac Hayes Estate?

Who inherited Isaac Hayes estate? This question may arise if you were a fan of Hayes and were interested in his legacy. Hayes, who passed away in August 2010, left a portion of his estate to the Isaac Hayes Foundation and split the remainder with his children and wife. Hayes’ will did not specify the exact value of his estate, but did mention his foundation. Hayes’ foundation promotes literacy and his contributions to charity include the construction of a school in Ghana.

After John Hayes died in June 1969, the house was bought by Gertrude Wilson. She lived in #30 until her death in 1958. In the following year, she moved to a nursing home and was buried there. The property was sold to the present owners, William and Nickelette Hayes. While these two women were not related, Hayes’ estate has been the subject of much speculation.

The original house was built by Currier Langley. He purchased the lot in 1885 from Levi Elder. The house was built by Langley and his wife, Alice. The Langleys lived in the house for a few years. In 1921, Currier and Alice sold the house to Charles H. Hayes, who was a cocheco manufacturer. Charles H. Hayes’ wife, Sarah, lived in the house until she died in 1936. She rented the house to Dr. Charles Tasker. She lived there for ten years before moving to a house in 35 Cushing Street.

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