Who Inherited Ginger Rogers Estate?

When you look at Ginger Rogers’s estate, you will notice that she is not the only person who inherited her money. There are many other people who inherited the estate, too, including her sister Joan, who died in 2012. Here are just a few of them. Among them is her daughter, Susanna Ingersoll, who inherited all of the money from her father. The estate includes the home’s artwork, and there are other pieces of art in the property.

The house Ginger grew up in is still standing in Independence, Missouri. It was built in 1906 and features woodwork and a clawfoot tub. Her family also owned numerous antique decor pieces, including a 1910 telephone, coffee grinder, dressers, and a sewing machine. This estate is filled with memorabilia and will surely be enjoyed by generations to come. A few lucky people will be able to enjoy it.

Ginger Rogers’ first marriage ended in a divorce, but she married again to a man named William Marshall. This was her fifth marriage, and it was her most successful. Ginger’s mother, Lela Rogers, served as her mentor and died in 1977. She was an independent woman who preferred exploring the countryside. Her family estate is estimated to be worth at least $3.9 million, and the house was recently sold for this price.

Despite her fame as an actress, she died with a net worth of $20 million. Her Beverly Hills home sold for $4.5 million in 2014, and she lived in Medford, Oregon during her golden years. Her home in Beverly Hills was a luxurious retreat, complete with a koi pond, barbecue spit, and fireplace. In addition, Ginger Rogers also owned a 1,400-acre ranch near Shady Cove, Oregon. She bought the property in the 1940s to escape the bustling Hollywood atmosphere. The former actress had five marriages, each ending in divorce.

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