Who Inherited George Michael’s Money?

After his death, many people are wondering: who inherited George Michael’s money? Kenny Goss claims he was left PS15,000 a month out of his estate, but was he really the only person who benefited financially from the artist’s estate? Goss argues that he was financially dependent on George before the pair broke up, and he gave up his career to focus on their relationship. He even claimed his estate continued after George died.

The estate plan of George Michael reveals a thoughtful and well-meaning man. He cared deeply about his friends, family, and favorite charities. He made wise decisions to build his estate. He supplemented his royalties with fees from private events, and he invested in real estate. He is believed to own four lavish homes. The question of “who inherited George Michael’s money?” will remain for a while, but there is no doubt that the people closest to the singer will benefit from the estate.

The estate of George Michael is estimated at $120 million. The value of the estate is a major source of conflict between his family and his romantic partners. Kenny, who was dating George Michael at the time of his death, received no part of the fortune. Yioda and Melanie received the bulk of the estate. Their siblings also shared a share. But who will inherit the rest of the money? Yioda Panayiotou?

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