Who Inherited From Betty White?

The question, “Who inherited from Betty White?” is a baffling one, especially since the author died in January. White amassed a net worth of $75 million and owned $10 million in real estate. Her estate plan is confidential, but it includes a $5 million Brentwood home, bank accounts, and a number of books. Although it is unknown who will inherit Betty’s estate, her children and stepchildren are likely to get some part of it.

The estate of Betty White is complex. Her estate included all the money and property she owned at the time of her death. Since she had no siblings, there’s no direct line of descent, and no children, she’s not leaving any heirs, and the only surviving relatives are her three stepchildren. Fortunately for them, her will stipulated that her dogs receive luxury collars and leashes.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Betty White attended Beverly Hills High School and Horace Mann Elementary School. When she was a child, her family vacationed in the Sierra Nevada mountains. There, she developed an interest in wildlife and almost became a forest ranger. However, she was not allowed to become a forest ranger back in her day because women were not allowed to practice this profession. So her father ended up selling crystal radios and using the proceeds to buy items his family needed.

The eldest stepchild of Betty White, David Ludden, was born in 1948. He earned his Ph.D. in history from the University of Pennsylvania and taught South Asian history at the University of Pennsylvania until 2007. He has published several books and was recently awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for his work in the humanities. Currently, David is a professor of Asian history at New York University. Meanwhile, he is said to be putting the family estate through probate court.

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