Who Inherited Freddie Mercury’s Money?

Those who wish to know who inherited Freddie Mercury’s money should look at his will and estate. Although Mercury was engaged to Mary Austin at the time of his death, his relationship with the singer did not end when he passed away. According to the singer’s will, he left her half of his future earnings, while 25 percent went to his parents and sister. This way, there was no interfamily resentment.

Mary Austin, Freddie’s former lover and lifelong confidante, received half of the singer’s estate. Most of Freddie’s friends received PS500,000 each, including bandmates and musicians. But his death caused resentment among his former bandmates. His will was not made public and many believe that Mary had been influenced by the death of her beloved boyfriend. It has also been suggested that Mary might have been swayed by her husband’s remorse.

While Mercury’s mother, sister and PA all received some portion of his estate, the remaining PS500,000 went to Freddie’s ex-girlfriend, Mary. Despite the discord, Mercury’s estate was substantial. Mary received half of Freddie’s royalties and his parents and sister shared the remainder. His parents and sister were close to Freddie throughout his life and his money is still significant to the family.

Although Mary Austin has admitted she had trouble handling Mercury’s estate after his death, she has since maintained the mansion. The ashes remain a secret. The surviving members of Queen are expected to receive approximately PS 20 million each from the movie’s box office gross. Despite this, the surviving bandmates remain silent about the fate of Freddie Mercury’s money. They also claim their rights to the film, which was created in his honor.

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