Who Inherited Frank Sinatra’s Money?

Frank Sinatra left a sizable estate. The estate included five multi-million dollar properties and more than $3.5 million in cash. His children received $250,000 each, and the other three inherited six-figure amounts from their father. All recording rights and paintings were left to their respective families, as were all the royalties from his record label, Sheffield Enterprise. There was also an estate tax payable by his former wife, Nancy Sinatra.

The will named three children as beneficiaries. In 2017, they agreed to sell off a portion of the inheritance. Michael Sinatra, Jocelyn Sinatra, and Franchise Sinatra each wanted to sell a portion of the property for between $2 million and $3 million. The property is fully furnished, as were all the belongings of Sinatra. The net worth of the Sinatra estate is unknown, but the other children’s claims are based on speculation.

While Frank Sinatra was married for over half his life, his first wife, Nancy Sinatra, received $250,000 of his fortune. His other three children inherited each $200,000, with each of them receiving another $200,000. The entertainer’s money was so vast that it can only be divided between family members and charitable organizations. In fact, the Sinatra family’s legacy is far from over.

In the final years of Sinatra’s life, his business empire flourished. The entertainer’s name was licensed to the Korbel champagne labels. The Sinatra family split over the control of these businesses and their musical catalogue. They also disagreed on control of his real estate. The church of Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills held the funeral. However, it’s unclear how the Sinatra estate will be split among his children.

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