Who Inherited Ernest Borgnine’s Money?

If you are looking to learn who inherited Ernest Borgnine’s fortune, you’ve come to the right place. His wealth is estimated at $15 million, and it’s unclear who he left his money to. His wife, Tova Borgnine, was expected to get a share of his estate. In addition to his wife, Ernest had four children from five marriages.

During his life, Borgnine became a popular actor and singer. He joined the navy when he was just out of high school in 1935, but later reenlisted after the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1961, Borgnine’s marriage to katy Jurado broke down after she alleged that he abused the actress. They divorced in 1964 after a long battle over alimony.

It’s no secret that Borgnine was well-heeled, and his estate is no exception. Jason Bateman recently purchased the former actor’s Beverly Hills estate for $3 million. The upscale mansion is a half-acre knoll and features a formal entry hall with a grand staircase, paneled library, office, and den. There are six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a guesthouse and swimming pool.

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