Who Inherited Ella Fitzgerald Money?

Who inherited Ella Fitzgerald’s money? – The answer may surprise you! The famed singer was an African-American and was born on April 25, 1917 in Newport News, Virginia. Her parents, William and Temperance, separated when Ella was young and moved to Yonkers, N.Y., where they met their future boyfriend, Joseph Da Silva. Later, Ella was adopted by a Portuguese immigrant named Joe Da Silva. She later married Da Silva, and they lived in Yonkers, where she excelled in primary school. Her parents divorced in the early 1930s, and she later became a runner for the local gamblers.

Despite her storied life, Fitzgerald left behind a bequest to her son. He is the executor of her estate. His estate includes many personal belongings that were once exhibited in museums. These include her award-winning music, her cookbooks, and her famous white eyeglasses, which became iconic in American Express ads. Fitzgerald’s estate also left the Library of Congress with 800 musical arrangements and a vast collection of cookbooks.

The estate also includes 150 pieces of everyday clothing and 40 pairs of shoes. Items are selling for $15 to $25 apiece. Other items include a gold wristwatch given to her by Frank Sinatra, books signed by Gershwin and Picasso, and a velvet jacket. In addition, there are several heirlooms and other heirlooms that are being sold, and the estate has reportedly grossed $236,000 in the process.

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