Who Inherited Eddie Van Halen Net Worth?

The late rock legend, Eddie Van Halen, had a net worth of $100 million at the time of his death. He owned several properties in Los Angeles, including his residence and 5150 Studios. This is the studio where all of the Van Halen albums since 1984 were recorded. In addition to his numerous homes and studios, Van Halen also owned several properties in the South Bay area, including the Hollywood Hills.

While Eddie Van Halen and Janie had no children of their own, they did establish the QTIP Trust to ensure that their money would go to the surviving spouse. This trust gives the surviving spouse the right to receive income and the equivalent of their current standard of living. However, the surviving spouse does not have the right to leave any of the trust funds to anyone, including other family members. Alternatively, he could have specified that he wanted his estate to go to his son Wolfgang upon Janie’s death.

The estate of Van Halen is split between his son Wolfgang and daughter Janie Liszewski. While Van Halen was married to Janie Liszewski for 25 years, his marriage to Bertinelli ended in divorce after just four years. He and Bertinelli had a son, Wolfgang Van Halen, together. Despite his considerable wealth, his first marriage ended due to alcoholism and drug addiction.

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