Who Inherited Eddie Fisher’s Estate?

Who inherited Eddie Fisher’s estate? The pop singles artist died in 2010 from complications caused by hip surgery. After the death of his wife, Debbie Reynolds, he started dating Elizabeth Taylor, who bore him a son, Todd. When Todd was born, the couple divorced. After the death of Todd, Eddie began seeing Elizabeth. They divorced in 1975, and the next year, Eddie was married again to Debbie Reynolds, who died in a plane crash.

The actor’s estate plan included a living trust that named Lourd as the sole beneficiary. Fisher thought a prior attorney would have taken care of funding the trust, but it appears that he didn’t. This means the current trustee of his estate will have to file a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to place the actor’s non-trust assets in the trust. The trust will also have to go through probate, which means that the property will be sold off one by one.

Although there’s no formal will, there’s speculation that Debbie Fisher will inherit Fisher’s intellectual property rights and image rights. Her $18 million Beverly Hills estate will likely go to her, but she’s not sure what exactly she’ll get from the sale of the property. The Fishers bought their homes separately, but now they’re being sold as one estate. Their real estate agency, Williams & Williams, is handling the estate.

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