“When you’re the king of the jungle”, Mayweather says he can tame all animals because he’s the King

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is presently in Dubai spending some quality times after so much hard work.

Mayweather was seen sharing a good time with a monkey, shares the video suggesting he’s able to take the animal because he’s the King of the jungle.

The respected boxing legend landed in Dubai and had to deal with immigration issue, he quickly called the Royal house to get it solved within seconds.

Watch video below.


Mayweather landed in Dubai and was denied access, he called the Royal family and he was granted access immediately

A trending video shows how American boxing legend, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was denied access into Dubai but he called on the Royal and and the authorities received orders to let him in within few seconds.

The video suggested that, Mayweather and his team had problems after landing in Dubai but with the help of the connections Floyd has at higher places in the country, he fell on one to help him gain access.

The video went on to disclose that, Royalty was called and he was allowed in immediately in 30 seconds.

The head of security at the airport was seen talking to Floyd and informed him that they and at his disposal in case he needs them.

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