Warrant issued for the arrest of Shanquella Robinson murderer

Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant in the death of Shanquella Robinson according to the prosecutor. The 25-year-old who is a resident of Charlotte, in North Corallina in the United States travelled last month with her six friends on a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, which is a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.  

Shanquella, 25, lost her life in a mysterious circumstance while on vacation with her friends in Mexico. Her friends told her family she died of “alcohol poisoning”. But an autopsy report later indicated that she died as a result of a broken neck and spine.

 But her family later on debunked her friends claims and confirmed to couple of media outlets in the United States that, a video circulating showing an unknown woman attacking Shanquella as her group of friends stood and watched as the abusive act was being recorded on a phone.

American broadcasting network ABC news have confirmed that, international authorities have pressed a charge on one of Robinson’s friends with femicide. They say that person is the direct aggressor. Robinsons family told ABC news they just want justice for their departed daughter.

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