“The mid-week operation went well” Mane gives update on his injury, sends a message to his nationals & fans world wide

Senegalese national footballer, Sadio Mané who plays as a forward Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga has confirmed his mid-week operation on his leg went successfully.

Mané used the opportunity to thank all his well wishers and asked his nationals to throw their support behind the national team as they play Netherlands today in their first match.

Considered one of the best players in the world Wolrd currently, Mané’s exit from the World Cup in Qatar due to the injury he sustained during his last match for his club.

The World is happy that one of greatest African players of all time’s talent is missing from this year’s World Cup tournament.

Many of you sent me messages of support following my injury. Thank goodness the mid-week operation went well. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all and to express my gratitude to you.

This Monday, our dear country will compete in the World Cup, Qatar 2022. I am sure that the Lions will transcend themselves and will approach all matches as a real final. I am also convinced that all Senegalese will be in front of the small screen to support and encourage our valiant national team. Like all fans of the Den, I am convinced that my teammates will fight as one and as they always do in order to honor our dear

“I don’t really pay too much attention on buying expensive cars or smart devices, that’s not my priority”, Sadio Mane

Senegalese footballer and Bayern Munich forward, Sadio Mane has made his priority known.

According to him, he does not pay attention to buying expensive cars or smart devices.

Photo credit: Sadio Mane Instagram.

He wants to see his people go to bed with food and have the best of every basic thing of life.

“I don’t really pay too much attention on buying expensive cars or smart devices. My priority is always to make sure my people in Senegal they go to their beds with food, better hospital services and schools.
“I will never rest until I made a better impact in my community. And I am real happy and proud of other footballers who spoil themselves with luxury cars and apartments it’s their money, they also deserve to spend it in their own way.
“For now I have my own ideas of how to spend mine. In the future I might also be able to buy luxury things, but for now I want everyone to be in better conditions back home.”

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