“That was a ridiculous penalty decision…” ESPN Sports analyst says

Following the defeat of the Ghana national team against Portugal on Thursday, a lot of football fans have expressed their distaste of how the much was ruled.

In a recent online interview, ESPN journalist, Luis Miguel Echegaray, has also commented on how unfair the game was ruled.

According to him, “the penalty was a ridiculous decision” and he is “embarrassed by it because we are now at a stage where VAR should correct these things.”

Luis continued by saying, “if the referee is making a decision based on what he is seeing in real-time, I’ll forgive you for that. But in the day if the VAR, I think it’s despicable.”


The match between Ghana and Portugal was the last game of the first round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

After a goalless first half, the match sparked to its peak in the second half. The match which ended in 3-2 in Portugal’s favour has sparked controversies online since.

According to football fans and experts, the first penalty awarded to Portugal should not have counted. The referee awarded the penalty based on his own knowledge and never consulted the VAR.

The penalty was awarded after a tussle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salisu which saw Ronaldo sprawling on the field.

Aside from the penalty, Portugal’s third goal by Rafael Leao also is considered offside but was approved regardless.

Most African football pundits have raised their voice in hope FIFA responds to the unfairness raised against Africans in the field of play.

A trending line seen across social media states, “VAR does not work against African countries.”

FIFA is yet to make any comments in the game and the rulings of the referee.

Ghana is currently sitting at the bottom of their table while Portugal stays on top. Their next match up is against South Korea in Monday.

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