Takeoff reportedly shot and killed in Houston

Migos rapper, Takeoff is reported to have been shot and killed while at a birthday party in Houston.

According to reports, Takeoff and Quavo had gone to Houston where the two were visiting some friends and associates.

While specifics of the incident remain unknown at this time, we have obtained a photograph of what looks to be Takeoff laying in blood on the floor, which we will not post.

It was previously reported that Quavo, another rapper, was also shot during the event, but our sources have subsequently confirmed that this was not the case. It was a one-time occurrence.

According to many accounts, the shooting apparently occurred over a dice game, with social media images from the event showing Takeoff wearing a white shirt and black jeans.

Several tweets have gone up to break the news of Takeoff’s shooting. Although it has not been confirmed yet, a certain thread on Twitter claims the rapper is dead.


Other club promoters also confirmed the news of the rapper being shot in Houston.

Our prayers are up for Takeoff.

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