“Stop downloading Kudus photos on your phone”, Fella Makafui received a strong warning for allegedly crushing on Blackstars player, Kudus

After weeks of spreading fear among their fans that they were no longer married, Medikal and Fella Makafui are now back together but there is a warning from an anonymous person to Fella, which is currently making rounds on social media.

Remember how Fella Makafui hinted at trouble between her and the singer in a mysterious statement she sent on her Twitter account around two weeks ago?

When she tweeted that she was ready to make the hardest decision of her life, she started rumours.

Following Fella’s tweet, Medikal posted a Snapchat story to chastise spouses for being haughty in their marriages.

The rapper claims that women should be courteous, submissive, stress-free, and appreciative.

A recent video seems to indicate that the two power couples have reconciled.

Citing the video, Fella can be seen serving Medikal Fufu, who was waiting for his dinner patiently at the dining table, with delight and humility.

According to gossip on the streets, they are still battling behind the scenes as a result of the singer’s repeated adultery; therefore, some social media users believe that the video is only for the media.

In fresh screenshot making rounds on social media, Fella Makafui has received a strong warning for allegedly crushing on Blackstars player, Mohammed Kudus.

According to the anonymous report, the actress and mother of one have been downloading the photos of Kudus on her phone. Whatever she uses the photos for, we can’t confirm.

The whistle-blower went as far as telling her that, her charms would not work this time.

We will follow this story and bring you our cherished readers it’s developments.

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