Sophia Grace Shops for Baby Clothes and Shares Updates on Her Pregnancy With First Child

It was all loving when the pregnant YouTuber, Sophia Grace, was seen in a black outfit on 25th November, Friday, shopping for her first soon to be child.

Grace actually rose to fame as a child after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her cousin, Rosie Mclelland.

The 19 year-old YouTube star was seen looking at baby clothes at the Bababoom luxury baby boutique in the U.K. district of Essex.

Sophia Grace wasn’t just seen looking at the clothes but she was later spotted coming out from the boutique with several shopping bags.

According to reports, Sophia is due in March 2023. She is very excited to be a mother and most especially, being a boy mum as well as that [being a boy’s mum] had been her dream from the start. Some of her actions could point out she is eager to see how the unborn will look like in this world.

Talking about the name to be given to the baby, she said “I have had a few I’ve liked, but I’m still not sure, and when I do know, I won’t put it out until the baby is born.”

It was through her pregnancy times that we got to know that she doesn’t share the same roof with her partner but the two would be co-parenting the child. She said “The baby’s dad would be coming around a lot more.” We are all going to want to be together and do everything together. That’s my situation for the moment.” She added.

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