Shura Kitata ; Biography, age and Heal strike

Shura Kitata, is an Ethiopian athlete born on June 9, 1996 who is more into Marathon running.

He has won many accolades in the athletics discipline including winning the London Marathon in 2020. Shura Kitata made it to the limelight of athletics after he won both the Rome and Frankfurt Marathon in 2017.

Heel strike

Shura Kitata’s forward lean running style and heel to toe foot strike works well for him as it has helped him win many medals in the world of athletics. So in short, Shura Kitata Heel’s strike is simply his body posture and style when on the track field.


Shura Kitata towers at 5 feet 7 inches tall.


The athlete, Shura Kitata, is currently 25 years of age

Net Worth

Shura Kitata earns his income from the sports he plies his trade in, athletics. Shura Kitata gets additional endorsement deals from companies such as Nike. Shura Kitata has an estimated net worth of $3 million

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