‘Sarkodie refused to shake me when was nobody’, Nasty C revealed why he turned down Sarkodie collaboration requests

Nasty C has turned town Sarkodie’s proposal for a music collaboration. This collaboration will make waves before but to the surprise of everyone, Nasty C has turned down all the two requests by Sarkodie for a feature.

According to Nasty C, Sarkodie refused to shake him when he was nobody.

Watch the video below:


If folks could remember, African giant, Burner Boy ranked Nasty C as the best rapper in Africa over Sarkodie and this brought some competition between the two rappers about who is really the goat.

Some people supported the bold decision taken by Nasty C to also reject Sarkodie’s proposal for a music collaboration because of what happened in the past.

One user added that ” Nasty C is petty but if am the one, I would so the same because you can’t ignore me when I wasn’t at the top and need me when I make it.”

He continue; “Nasty C story is petty but if it’s true I’d have done same, you can’t only need me when I’ve made it and ignore me when I wasn’t at the top”

“They should collabo tho, boys boys you for jie eye give some petty things. Sark Nasty C collabo will make waves”

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