Popular kumawood actor “Okomfo Kolege” loses wife and unborn child.

Renowned kumawood actor Collins Oteng popularly known in the Ghanaian movie circles as “Okomfo Kolege” has lost his beloved wife and unborn child in a bizarre circumstance.

The unfortunate news was recounted by his bosom friend “Oteele”, who indicated that himself and Kolege were billed for a program but Kolege couldn’t make it because the time for his wife to give birth was due and his wife needed him at the labor room. But to his outmost surprise, he returned from the program to the unfortunate demise of the wife and the unborn baby.

Narrating the sad incident in an interview, Oteele stated that “I got a call from that “Okomfo Kolege’s wife is dead. I told them to stop making things up. I immediately called my brother, and hearing how he spoke to me, it confirmed that the woman had died.

Snippets of information gathered by newsbuzz.cbgist.com further indicated that on the morning of the sad incident, Kolege’s wife despite her pain, she tried to get some house chores done but she suddenly started palpitating and was rushed to the hospital. It was later noted that she was in labor but could not push the baby so the medical staff at the health facility saw that her condition was deteriorating so she was rushed to the theater to perform a cesarean section but unfortunately the unborn baby died first and right after they could cut open, the mother also gave up a ghost. We wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to Okomfo Kolege and his family in this hard time. May his wife’s beautiful soul rest peacefully in the bosom of the Almighty Lord

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