Piers Morgan says what Cristiano Ronaldo said about Messi on his interview Will make ‘huge headlines’

British Media mogul, Piers Morgan has said that, what his friend Cristiano Ronaldo said about his counterpart Lionel Messi on his interview Will make ‘huge headlines’.

In tweet, Piers Morgan wrote; “Lots of people asking if Ronaldo talks about Messi in my interview.. oh yes, and what he says will make huge headlines.”

A fan who was upset with Piers Morgan responded:

“Oh my god just shut up now piers!!…. You’ve had him slag off an entire football team, the club, ex footballers and now going in on Messi who has NOTHING to do with this”

Piers Morgan also revealed why Cristiano Ronaldo granted the interview after a fan asked:

“What is Ronaldo’s desired outcome from this interview btw?”

Piers responded: “To set the record straight after 6 months of lies and smears.”

The full interview with Cristiano Ronaldo will be available today.

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