Photos of Italian town paying $25,000 to anyone willing to move there, ‘There are many empty homes’

A municipality in Italy is paying out £25,000 to those who are willing to move there and buy a house.

The old village of Presicce in the region of Puglia has announced that it will pay individuals to reside there in the hopes of bringing fresh life to its diminishing neighborhood, which is full of abandoned dwellings.

The pristine beaches of Italy’s southeast coast, notably Santa Maria di Leuca, are only a 15-minute drive from Presicce. Due to its extensive olive industry, the hundreds-of-year-old city of Presicce was sometimes referred to as the “city of green gold.”

One must purchase a home in the village built before 1991 to be eligible for the financial incentive; further information is available on the website of the local administration. There are tiny flats that are in need of renovation that are the cheapest residences.

It’s not the first time that Italian government representatives have spent money to revitalize rural areas all throughout the nation.

There are grocery stores, banks, and post offices in the historic town of Providence. The theater has been left unattended.

Homes there start at a little over £21,000, so the money can be used for both the purchase and renovation of a home, according to a local politician.

‘We will be offering up to 30,000 euros to people willing to move here and buy one of these abandoned dwellings,’ Alfredo Palese told CNN.

‘The total funding will be split in two: It will go partly into buying an old home and partly into restyling it, if needed.’

‘There are many empty homes in the historical centre built before 1991 which we would like to see alive again with new residents,’ Palese continued.

‘It is a pity witnessing how our old districts full of history, wonderful architecture and art are slowly emptying.’

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