Notti Osama death video

A 14-year-old wannabe drill rapper named Notti Osama was fatally stabbed in New York City by another adolescent.

Osama, whose actual name is Ethan Reyes, was tragically stabbed on Saturday afternoon in New York City’s City College West 137th Street subway station after an altercation between him and a 15-year-old. Osama was taken by emergency personnel to Mount Sina St Luke’s Hospital, where doctors there declared him dead.

WARNING: Content of a disturbing nature ahead

Who was Notti Osama?

The 14-year-old was an aspiring drill rapper from New York. Drill rapping, a genre which often involves taunting rivals, is believed to have fuelled the fatal fight.

His cousin, Lily Ortega, described him as “a very happy kid […]He was very loving. He loved spending time with his family.” Osama was the youngest of six and died only a few blocks away from his family home.

Only two weeks ago Notti Osama released visuals for his new single Without You, which he made with his brother.

“Him and David were a duet,” his cousin, Kelvin Ventura said, commenting on how close the pair were. “They were always together,” he said.

Notti Osama stabbed video

People are continuing to pay their respects

Since his death, those in the community have left candles and posters outside his home, along with heartfelt messages. Ortega then went on to say: “It makes us feel happy because you can tell people really loved him for who he was.”

Recognising that Osama is not the only youth to have been killed, she supposedly, suggested that something more fundamental needs to change in the city.

“And it’s not only him. It’s sad.”

A 15-year-old culprit has been charged with criminal possession and second-degree murder.

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