Mr. Ibu’s daughter files for divorce same day she found out her husband has 3 grown children without telling her

Just eight days ago after Chioma Jasmine Okafor, daughter of famous comic actor, Mr. Ibu has revealed how she met her partner on social media to mark their wedding anniversary, she followed up with divorce news.

She revealed that, she found out her husband has three grown female children which she has no idea of and a according to her, it’s a no for not telling her despite the fact that he’s a divorced man.

She explained how her husband loves worshiped her but the mere fact that he kept his children secret is the reason her filing for divorce.

“My marriage was so beautiful, and full of love, my husband literally worshiped me! I don’t know if anyone is ever going to love me like he did! But this one lie! I can’t forgive! I have filed a divorce today! I found out today that he has 3 grown up girls! 3? Never told me he was married and divorced! Yes he’s divorced,but still doesn’t change anything! I married a single loving husband! I won’t settle for less! I love him so much! I appreciate all the love you showed me! You showed me a different version of love! I appreciate but I can’t settle for a tiny lie! I can’t forget! I won’t forgive! I don’t owe anyone explanation!! Don’t ever lie about your age for any reason! I love you MD”

Please slide to the left to read all she said.

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