“Many of you see this as an opportunity to get into Davio’s good graces, you don’t care”, Seun Kuti

Youngest song of music icon, Fella Kuti, Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, who is called by the name Seun Kuti has lashed out at many people who he thinks are pretending to be mourning with Davido.

Seun Kuti said some people are just seeing this bad news as an opportunity to get into Davido’s good graces without even caring about the grief Davido us going through right now.

He questioned what happened to the announcement that all clubs and entertainment events should shut down for a week to mourn with Davido.

He pointed that, there’s no need to make painful events of colleagues public by posting things online, rather it’s best to get closer to extend a helping hand.

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