Man wins legal verdict to stop being fun at work

At a court in Paris, a man has won the legal battle and to not be fun at work anymore.

The man, who is identified by Washington Post as Mr. T, filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The company, Cubik Partners, fired Mr. T in 2015.

According to court documents, Mr. It’s contract with his former employer was wrongfully terminated after he refused to take part in weekend events and seminars.

The case file also stated that, these events he refused to attend were filled with excessive drinking and “promiscuity.” He continued by saying the company’s definition of fun involved degrading and intrusive acts.

In their defence, the company’s lawyer stated that, Mr. T was an incompetent employee. They said he always talked to his fellow co-workers in a certain tone and always neglected opinions and feedback from others.

Mr. T was employed by Cubik Partners in 2011. He worked as a senior consultant for three years until he was made director in 2014. His joy was short-lived after he was fired based on incompetence in 2015.

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