Lil Wayne claims the Saudi Royal Family gifted him a Lamborghini and a $25k watch in 2020

Rapper, Lil Wayne, has recently revealed that the Saudi Royal family gifted him an $24,778.12 Franck Muller wristwatch and a Lamborghini as an apology in 2020.

The music star had issues with the airport staff in Saudi and the royal family gave him gifts after the trouble.

According to Lil Wayne, he had landed in a private airport, but when he put his bags through the X-ray machine a security employee took issue when she discovered jewelry items worth more than 25 thousand dollars in his luggage, stating that he should have declared the items beforehand.

After the incident, the rapper decided to leave the country and never return. However, while he was sitting on his plane, he got notified that “his excellency” wasn’t very pleased with what transpired and after making sure the rapper made it through security without any problems, went on to visit his hotel room and was offered a Franck Muller watch as a peace offering.

He said: “After he was leaving the room, he said, ‘oh, I forgot, Lamborghini or Ferrari?’ I thought it was a general question. I said ‘Lamborghini’— I thought he was asking me which one was better. Then he asked, ‘what color?’ I said ‘black.’ He said, “In front of your house in three weeks.”

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