Kim Kardashian breaks silence on Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaign

After much silence and deliberation, Kim Kardashian has finally spoken about Balenciaga’s recent ad campaign.

In a Tweet, the model and socialite disclosed why she had been quiet over the issue and also talked about the future of her partnership with the brand.

Kim disclosed she has been quiet because she was in favor of the ad but because she wanted to speak with them and understand what they’re doing and she seem to have done just that.

She also stated that Balenciaga understood the situation brought by the campaign and commended them for removing it after it faced criticism.

About her future with the brand, Kim wrote that she is reevaluating her relationship with them since they adhered to her words and removed the ad.

Balenciaga’s ad campaign had been said to promote children harassment and child porn. After it’s release, the company faced backlash from people all over the world.

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