Kanye West (Ye) will need to cough $1 billion first if he wants to sell his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts

According to TMZ, #KanyeWest will have to fork over a significant sum of money if he wants to retain the rights to the term “White Lives Matter.”

Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward, who own the trademark for WLM, informed the publication that they are not interested in selling, but that if they were, it would cost someone at least $1 billion. Ye appears to be unable to pay that fee after his recent financial setbacks.

Ye wore the #WhiteLivesMatter shirts during Paris Fashion Week on the same day the trademark application was submitted. The trademark was obtained and given to Ja and Ward’s Phoenix-based radio show Civic Cipher show a few weeks ago by an anonymous caller.

“The listener did not want to be associated with this in any way, but they recognize the importance of ownership,” Ja told NPR. “You can prevent bad things from happening by owning it. You can shape the outcomes.”

Ye cannot sell his contentious shirts since the trademark prohibits the use of the term on apparel. If the former millionaire decides to start selling the garment, their counsel is ready to sue him, according to Ja.

Since acquiring the rights to #WLM, Kanye hasn’t gotten in touch with Ja, according to the site.

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